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Making the decision to settle in a new country is daunting. 

If you're here reading this, you've probably done a bit of your own research into the processes, policies and costs involved in embarking on this journey of a lifetime. At IMMagine, we understand that wondering where to live is often secondary to how to get somewhere. It's for that reason that our consultants are trained and experienced in providing you with options for both New Zealand and Australia, depending on what best suits your individual case.

Our experience has shown that for certain scenarios, providing immigration advice on all of the paths available to you often presents a different, easier approach that may see you stretched out on a beach eating fish & chips sooner than you thought possible. Our consultants on both sides of the Tasman Sea offer free seminars in countries all over the world where, upon private individual consultation, they're able to carefully unpack your stories and assess your eligibility to help you settle where you belong - be that in New Zealand or Australia.

Over and above all else, our global brand means a global vision: we ourselves are made up of Kiwis, Australians, South Africans, Malaysians and more so we understand the journey from your perspective and our 26+ years experience in the industry means that the advice we give you is always with your best interests at heart.

We learned long ago not to tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear.

The primary focus of IMMagine Australia & New Zealand is to assist people in obtaining Residence Class Visas for both Australia & New Zealand. We are however skilled in all forms of temporary visas as well, including visitor, student and work visas and ultimately obtaining citizenship. From time to time we are also approached by Australia & New Zealand businesses to assist them with filling vacancies. We are not recruiters, however.

We help people from all over the world to settle in Australia or New Zealand

Although we have a record of success better than 99% (we have successfully secured visas for over 24 000 people in Australia & New Zealand, we cannot help everyone. After carrying out a detailed eligibility assessment of your options and the likelihood of success, if we believe that you cannot succeed in your immigration goal/objective we will advise you to not make the emotional and financial investment in the process. 

Those who do become our clients often also become our friends, because it's not just about filling out and lodging forms on your behalf. We partner with you on a long term basis to navigate an ever-changing and complex policy landscape and your settlement in New Zealand.

Part of our offering to our clients is the use of our online process management system called HuM. More and more visas are filed and processed electronically so we've developed this in-house software program that is simple to use and intuitive to the unique migration process. Clients can use this system as a one stop shop for not only visas, but to manage your entire move from decision to settlement alongside your personal IMMagine team.